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Cyber threat intelligence is the collection of information and asessment of the information in the context of an organization or a person. We read the security news for you, and alert you to important information with key recommendations directly in Slack, Teams or Google Chat.

Emotet Malware Destroys Itself From All Infected Computers

Updated 26.04.2021

Emotet, the notorious email-based Windows malware behind several botnet-driven spam campaigns and ransomware attacks, was automatically wiped from infected computers en masse following a European law enforcement operation. The development comes three months after a coordinated disruption of Emotet as part of "Operation Ladybird" to seize control of servers used to run and maintain the malware. This is the second time it is known that law enforcement has taken action to clean up compromised devices.

  • Be aware that law enforcement taking over the infrastructure of criminals can sometimes use this infrastructure to gain direct access to endpoints.

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