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Cyber threat intelligence is the collection of information and asessment of the information in the context of an organization or a person. We read the security news for you, and alert you to important information with key recommendations directly in Slack, Teams or Google Chat.

France, Japan, New Zealand warn of sudden spike in Emotet attacks

Updated 08.09.2020

Emotet activity has ramped up to new levels in September 2020, alarming some cyber-security agencies. The attack waves have primarily targeted France, Japan and New Zealand, with the latter hit with more aggressive campaigns. The attacks follow old Emotet patterns of hijacking existing email conversations to inject malicious documents that will drop the trojan. Other countries could be next for an increase in this type of crimewave activity. 

  • Remind users of social engineering risk, including describing the practice of modern phishing campaigns to hijack existing internal conversations to increase credibility of the social engineering lure

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